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This Weeks Prayer Requests


Sunday—December 26, 2021

Lois Boone confessed she has sinned and repented. She also asked prayer for her son to return back to God. Ron Dickerson asked prayers for himself, family, neighbors and the church. He also asked pray for those making decisions for the church. Kathleen Hawkins expressed thankful for God’s word and that she will continue to trust in God’s word. She also asked continue prayers for the ministers and their families across the brotherhood. Vincent Hawkins asked prayers for help with direction in 2022, for him as he participates in the 2022 Rose Parade as a Buffalo Solider, prayers for the regiment and keeping things in perspective, as well as safety. He also asked to be given insight to his own life and his calling in ministry. Deborah Houston asked prayer for all those who are grieving. Keith Johnson confessed he has sinned and repented. He asked prayer for problems in the family. Keith expressed his desire to place his membership at Figueroa. Greta King asked prayer for her aunt Shelia King who is having a hard time dealing with the death of her daughter Debra. Greta also asked prayer for an acquaintance, Ernest Penn, that God gives him what he needs. Ahmad Mallard asked prayer for all teachers who are trying hard to serve the community with everything that is going on. Damon Saddler asked prayers for the health of his sister in-law Desiree Saddler and his mom Gladys Saddler. Damon expressed thankfulness for his wife celebrating her birthday. Ida Shaw/Kellie asked prayer for Courtney who has Covid. Pam Thompson confessed her sins and repented. She asked prayer for problems in the family and for healing/illness. Pam also expressed thankfulness for her blessings. Kendall Walker asked prayer for the Walker family and daughter Tesia. Sylvia Ward asked prayers that her sons Dominic and OC will return to God. Forest Whitaker asked prayer for his wife Laura Whitaker, who is in Kaiser Hospital-Harbor City, recovering. Herbert Wright asked prayer for his mother Louise Wright for the pain she is having. Phillip Wilford asked prayers for recovery from illness for him and his family, prayer for the leadership and prayers as he reflects on those, we lost this year. Ocilean Williams expressed thankfulness for another day. She asked prayer for the Pickens family as they travel back home from vacation. Prayers were offered for Faye Walton, Emma Wilson, Veronica Wilson and Gertha Williams.

ONLINE RESPONSES – Paul Ajibade-Aduralere asked prayer for Anthony Robinson and for himself. Annette asked prayer for James Goffney. Anthony Hervey asked prayer for his family and thanks Jesus for another day. Vanessa Keith asked prayer for her family; Keith and Bradley. Samantha Milton confessed she has sinned and repented. She asked prayer for her and the family, that they grow stronger in knowledge and wisdom. She asked to be sin free coming into the new year. Debbie Scott asked prayer for her family and all of those she has been praying for. She asked prayer for spiritual wisdom and physical strength.